1. At the beginning of October, I took a trip down to Malibu and Santa Barbara to visit some friends, meet some new friends, surf, and shoot some photos. It was a pretty successful trip all around. Here are a few of my favorite photos from the Santa Barbara part of the trip.  Ryan Lovelace Glassing, Connor Lyon surfing and bodysurfing, and one photo of Dane Reynolds.

  2. Here are the rest of the Pickathon photos.

    The next post will likely have some surf stuff. I haven’t posted much of that recently because I haven’t been shooting as much of it.  But I did take a trip to some good waves earlier this fall. 

  3. I have quite a few photos to post on here from the past several months. I’m going to start with a couple of music posts. 

    I was a photographer this past August at Pickathon, an annual music festival just outside of Portland.  Although I’m not a huge music festival lover, I find the artists, energy, setting, and everything about this one is amazing.   I have about 20 photos I’d like to show from that weekend, and since I can only post 10 at a time, I’ll do this in two separate posts. 

    In case you feel like looking up some music, some of my favorite artists were The Fruit Bats, Charlie Parr, Grupo Fantasma, Michael Hurley, and Mike + Ruthy.

    I’ll let the photos do the talking from here. Hopefully they give you a decent idea of the vibe of the weekend.

  4. A while back I promised a few more photos from this summer’s camping adventures, and here they are.  I’m not one to seek out flower photos, but a few were too good to pass up (especially that red and yellow flower…I’ve never seen a plant like that one)

    After the first couple days of rain and cooler weather here, it seems that the summer weekend trips are coming to an end.  But I’m hoping for a couple/few more trips in nice weather. And hopefully I can get a warm sleeping bag so I can keep going throughout late fall and even parts of winter.

    Fishing, swimming, hiking, and a relatively short drive to the beach. This is one of my very favorite places.

  5. I’ve been camping quite a bit recently—most weekends since the weather has gotten a little nicer.  One place in particular has become a favorite of mine.  Here are some photos that show the general vibe of the area.

    I’m planning on going back this weekend to think, fish, relax, hike, and explore.  Here are a few photos of this place.  I’m going to take just one camera and one roll of film for the weekend.  I may only shoot a few photos, or I may wish I had more film.  I’ll post some of my favorites up here eventually once I get the roll back.

  6. Respect.

    Chris Burkard

  7. I recently shot some engagement photos for a couple friends who are getting married this summer.  It was pretty informal, and we just went out and had a good time around a park. 

    I used a few cameras — my digital, my holga, and my mamiya 6x7 with a polaroid back.  Here are some of the results.

  8. Liquid Salt, an online surf magazine, recently featured an interview with me.  


    They have tons of interviews of surfers, photographers, artists, filmmakers, and more.  It’s worth spending some time perusing their site.

  9. I recently finished putting together a post card to have to hand out to individuals or businesses, or potentially to mail to select companies.  It’s basically an over-sized business card (about 8 x 10), and I’m pretty excited with how it turned out. 

    It’s really nice to see the photos printed instead of on a screen.

    Since I can’t show all of you the printed version, here is a general view of what it looks like…front and back.

    I chose images that show a wide variety of photos, from portraits to product shots, action to scenic, music to lifestyle…  They all have the natural style that I enjoy shooting the most.  I still can’t really get into overly posing things.  If you think anyone you know might be interested, please either link them to me in one way or another, or let me know and I can get in touch with them and send them one of these cards.

  10. Like I said in the first post, I’m not sure what form this blog will take yet.  It will probably be mostly my work, but it’s appropriate to put some of my inspirations on here as well.

    I know lots of people have seen this by now, but I was just thinking about it and watched it again tonight.  It’s one of the most inspiring and beautiful little short films I’ve seen.  It was made by Astray Films and Mikey Smith from the UK.